me: *scrolling through blog* wow this is a sick ass blog

me: wait this is my blog

me: *keeps scrolling*

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Who are your favorite writers?


I love Zadie Smith because of her wit and humor and attention to detail.

I love Djuna Barnes for her vivid descriptions. I love her for her underlying terror and tension.

I love Nella Larsen because her little was a lot.

I love Francoise Sagan because of the ease of her prose. 

I love Ernest Hemingway because I am comfortable liking problematic things.

I love Jamaica Kincaid because her sentences are the way we often think: not in succinct statements but in long bursts of energy.

I love Toni Morrison because her words demand strength, because she saw quickly in herself greatness and demanded that recognition with each line.

I love Marguerite Duras because she understands sensuality and exploits it for her gain.

I love Junot Diaz because the hyper-masculine and the hyper-vulnerable are rarely seen together.

I love Sloane Crosley because she is the writer I’ve always wanted to be, eventually, hopefully. 

I love James Baldwin because no one saw the world more clearly. 

I love D.H. Lawrence even though I feel like I probably shouldn’t.

I love Jane Austen because I was one of those girls who lived vicariously through her favorite novels. 

I love Kathy Acker because rawness is realness.